Viewpoints was founded in 1996 by John Dockerill who, having been an MD in a large international corporation, and led a £6m management buy out in the early ‘90’s, understood how lonely it can be to run a company and be responsible to shareholders for the company’s success.

He saw a need for a service for md’s and owner/ managers to which they could turn for independent, honest, unbiased, and objective opinions and help, specifically in recovery situations

Company Recovery

When an owner/md is in the process of forming his business plan he may just want a ‘second opinion’ to confirm its viability, or hear modifications which might improve the plan. Or he may just want to bounce crazy ideas off someone independent who will give him a truthful opinion

New capital may be needed, and new investors, banks or partners approached. There may be difficult board changes that need to be made, and new directors recruited. A difficult cost reduction plan could be necessary.

In all of these areas Viewpoints’ experience can be used to help, with the advantage that anonymity can be maintained if necessary.

Dealing with financial crisis

If the situation is developing into a financial crisis, perhaps when the bank is being less than helpful, there are wages to pay and HMRC and other creditors are at your door, Viewpoints has seen it all many times before and can suggest unbiased solutions.

When time is short Viewpoints can act as intermediary between the company and its creditors in an objective and un-emotional way to persuade them towards a solution.

Viewpoints has worked with many of the major banks and insolvency practitioners and there is always a way through, from formal insolvency procedures to ‘white knights’, business angels, pre-packs or management buy outs.

Viewpoints has the experience

Just look at the Case Study pages of this web site to see the variety and the Services page to see the many ways Viewpoints can help

Whatever your needs are, give us a call - the first meeting is free, and we are very flexible
on fees, which can range from hourly/day
rates to shares or percentages of the margin.